Jongleur technologique


I'm a professionnal software engineer and develop mobile apps and games just for the fun of it.

I've been programming in many fields and languages, including for a major game development company.


Katuk contains 3 games.

In all three games there is a sequence where each piece has to be of the same color or the same shape as the preceding one.

In the first game, new pieces appear and you must go fast in touching as many as possible, always following the correct sequence. The piece you just touch goes to the top, so look at the top to know the color or shape you must now find. Many cats in a row gives a bonus. When there's a crossed out cat at the top and the background becomes reddish, it means that for the time being, cats are not allowed and would end the game. Touching a drawing with the wrong color or shape will also end the game. Compare your score with your friends !

The second game is a puzzle where you must find the correct sequence that will enable you to clear the board. The key is often to start with the correct drawing. The second and third games have 3 levels with an increasing number of drawings. You can play multiple times the same levels. You will get a new set of drawings each time.

The third game is one where you must match drawings of the left column with those of the right. Draw lines with your finger to link them.

Katuk is available for Android phones and tablets on Google Play:
Katuk free for Android (free version with ads),
Katuk for Android (paid version with no ads),
and for iPad & iPhone on the App Store:
Katuk for iPad & iPhone (free version, with removable ads).

Some screen-shots of the game:


Chadoku is a puzzle game.

It is like a mix between cross-words and sudoku.

After choosing a level and a puzzle, you have to drag and drop pictures to line them up on a grid. On each line, pictures must have the same color or same shape.

Chadoku is available for Android phones and tablets on Google Play:
Chadoku (free version with ads),
Chadoku+ (paid version with more puzzles and no ads),
and coming soon on iPad & iPhone on the App Store.

Some screen-shots of the game:


Pivoku is puzzle game.

It is inspired by famous Rubik's cube.

In this game, you want to realign some figures correctly. You have to touch at the intersections to rotate 4 tiles at a time.

Pivoku is available for Android phones and tablets on Google Play:
Pivoku (free version with limited number of puzzles and ads),
Pivoku+ (paid version with unlimited number of puzzles and no ads),
and coming soon on iPad & iPhone on the App Store.

Some screen-shots of the game:


Labysol is a game where you need to complete a path out of a maze, using the tiles that show up at the top.

The less tiles you use, the more points you get.

You position the tiles by moving them with your finger. You can put them in an empty space on the maze, but you can as well cover an existing tile.

You can change your mind and move your tile to a new position, as long as you've not touch the next tile. If a tile is not useful, put it anywhere, including outside of the maze if you wish. This will count as a move, lowering you score.

When you have a path from the IN to the OUT, just press DONE to get your score on the score board. But you can also use some extra tiles to try to have your path reach more bonus tiles, thus increasing your score.

Labysol is available for iPad & iPhone on the App Store:
Labysol (free, with ads).

This is how the game looks on iPad:

And this is the game on iPhone:


CardStacks is a simple todo-list app developed by Patrice Mongeau.

With CardStacks, you can create stacks, and cards, and write whatever on them.

To get started, touch the + to make a new stack, and name it. You can make more stacks if you want.
Next, you can make cards in each stack, and edit, share or delete them by using the bottoms app icons.

For each stack, you can also reorganize your cards by dragging them right or left and by using the arrows. Tip: It's easier in landscape mode.

CardStacks is available for free on Android devices:
CardStacks on Google Play
CardStacks on Amazon

Here is how it looks with some stacks and cards:


Jongleur technologique


The following people have contributed to one or more of the above games.

Developers: Patrice Mongeau, Maryse Mongeau

Graphic designers: Jacqueline Langlois, Raphaël Mongeau

Music: Louis-Étienne Lemire

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